Life Lately (in which Ken and Anne almost become minimalists)

My apologies for the blog silence last week! We have no for sure news re: house hunting that we are ready to share, but we are figuring some things out and hope to have an update sooner rather than later. How’s that for cryptic? ;)

In the meantime, Ken and I are scheming and dreaming about new couches, stainless steel appliances, and laminate flooring. Date nights lately have consisted of visits to Home Depot or Lowes to pick out our favorites of everything. Which is quite ironic considering we don’t yet have a house to invest in just yet.

And we’re also going through our things and thinking critically about what we want to take to a new house and in a broader sense, what we want our new home to look and feel like. Which means that I’ve listed about a hundred things on Craigslist and another hundred on Etsy. Including some things that we legitimately had to think long and hard about parting with.

Here are a few of the things I’ve listed on Etsy and that I really want to find good homes for:

This whimsical painted barnwood seascape.


It Is Well Framed Artwork.


This adorable globe bank. Includes about $.12 that I can’t get out of it.


This color-blocked mint and gold clock.


This hinged brass crab.


And this fantastic book on Michigan.

Michigan book

Check out the rest of my Etsy shenanigans here, including brass deer, a letter-opener sword, purple candlesticks, and more.

For all you local readers, here’s a list of what we’ve listed on Craigslist.

Several paintings and frames (including an Anne Bauman original)

Dark wood lamp with light tan tapered shade

2 red/navy/sage throw pillows

White crockpot/little dipper (we had to downsize from this massive beast)

Filtrete High Performance Drinking Water System (we, um, don’t have a house to install this in)

Set of 5 framed prints (from Kenny’s bachelor days)

Brass lamp

Plaid ottoman (matches our couch…thank goodness for slipcovers.)

Large framed gold map

Men’s size 12 brown chacos (well loved)

Nautica sage green comforter, shams, bedskirt

Yellow task lamp (yes, the one from the Pinterest Challenge)

Large gray vase

Men’s mustard/brown North Face jacket size L

Men’s black North Face vest size M

…aaaaand I’ve exceeded my quota of links for the foreseeable future.I’ll hopefully keep this list fairly updated, but I make no promises. Oh, and if anyone has three rectangular baskets that are approximately 20″ by 16″ by 6″, let’s make a trade. :)


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