The February Freeze: Week 1 (in which I award us a grade of “D-minus”)

Unfortunately, I’d have to give Kenny and I a D-minus for this first week on our spending freeze. Let’s recap, shall we?

Here’s what we did well:

  • We didn’t buy groceries (any) yet, but I plan to get some essentials tomorrow.
  • We’re cleaning out the pantry and made a very organized list on post-its of what we have in the fridge/freezer/pantry. Thrilling stuff!
  • We made cookies using ingredients we already had for a Superbowl party we attended instead of purchasing ingredients.
  • We continued to list/sell lots of things on Craigslist. See the updated list here and make me an offer!

Here’s where we fell off the bandwagon a bit:

  • Both Kenny and I ate out at lunches once this week. But we have great excuses–Kenny grabbed Jimmy John’s because he was in depositions all day and needed something fast, and I went out to celebrate a coworker’s last day at work.
  • Kenny grabbed drinks from Meijer once last week to bring to a guy’s night. Again, can’t really fault him.
  • I had to pay Etsy fees of $3 because I keep listing things.
  • We had to purchase tax software. BOO. $44.95.

Total damage for week 1: $68.77 with a grade of D-minus. We’ll do better next week–no more tax software or work lunch purchases on the horizon!


    • Totally! I committed to saying no to work lunches this month, but then one of my BFFs got a new job elsewhere and the spending fast became real irrelevant.

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