The (Second) One That Got Away (in which our offer is accepted but it goes downhill from there)

This is the story of the second offer we made whilst on our house hunt. The first offer we made on a house was not accepted, but, long story short, both Kenny and I ended up being pretty relieved about that. But this second offer? Well, it’s a much longer story and is filled with heartbreak. Well, not exactly, but I tend to be overdramatic when it comes to spending thousands and thousands of dollars. Because of the dinero we’re talking, my histrionics may be justified.

The second offer we made was actually on a piece of property and not a house. We had found a builder and a floorplan that we loved, and if we could get a piece of land for a reasonable price, we were all in! So we found a piece of land:


Image courtesy le Google’.

This lot was ALMOST the right price. But not EXACTLY. So we made an offer that was about 30% below asking price NOT expecting to get it at that price, but WE DID. No counteroffer-business or anything! There was much jumping and high-fiving and chest-bumping (jk, maybs) and merriment.

I immediately had everything planned to the last detail. The paint colors (gray owl by BM for the main floor and upstairs, palladian blue by BM for the master)! The light fixtures (two pendants from Home Depot)! The future children we would populate the house with (little Lucinda and Gerald)!

After I got that very critical step out of the way, we had to figure out exactly how much it would cost to build the house we loved on the lot we loved.

Oh, you want to see the house? Okay, here:


So pretty/amazing/dreamy, right?

To summarize: We knew the cost of the house, and we knew the cost of the lot. Unfortunately that didn’t add up to how much it would cost to BUILD THE HOUSE ON THE LOT. The basic laws of elementary addition do not apply when it comes to building projects, I guess. I think you can see where this is going.

I won’t rehash all the details, but it was a wild ride that made me a wee bit seasick. In the end, it became WAY too expensive to build this house on “our” lot. Which actually was an answer to prayer–since Kenny and I fell good and hard for this house, we prayed that if we weren’t supposed to build it that God would make it SUPER EXPENSIVE, so expensive that we could not at all even consider it (I am very good at justifying things). And He did! So that’s cool yet kind of disappointing. Bum.

So we hit the market again. Dream house: I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE AND I’M COMING FOR YOU. JUST WAIT.


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