The February Freeze: Week 2 (in which I award us a grade of “B+”)

Great news! Ken and I improved from last week whilst on our spending freeze. Want to hear the good, bad, and ugly? Let’s dive in.

Here’s what we did well:

  • We spent less than $3 on groceries this week (and it went on a gift card). BOOM. The pantry is finally getting down to manageable levels. Also, I made tortillas from scratch. Proud.
  • I said no to a work lunch and had some very delicious leftovers instead.
  • I got reimbursed $15.27 for an Etsy sale. Buy things here.
  • I caved and went to three thrift stores. And though I didn’t purchase nothing, I technically came out ahead: I purchased this globe for $4 on Wednesday, listed it on Craigslist, and sold it for $25 on Friday. Things are getting crazy up in here.


Here’s where we maybe could have possibly done better:

  • We headed to Applebees late one night thinking we had money on a giftcard and it turned out our giftcard had a total balance of $0. Whoops! Spent: $10.
  • We purchased a Home Depot gift card online at–an awesome site to buy discounted giftcards. They had a sale and we ended up paying about $88 for a gift card worth $103 (a discount of 15%!). I guess this was sort of an investment, though?

Total damage for week 2: $64.73 all told. Considering we have $103 to use at Home Depot from this week, that’s not half bad, thus the B+ I awarded us. Here’s my referral link to if you want to take a peek yourself at discounted gift cards (on a non-sleazy site). Unless you’re on a spending freeze–then stay far, far away.


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