House Possibilities Round 2 (in which we keep looking and find some gems)

Let’s play the “which would you choose” game again, shall we? To recap, Ken and Anne are searching for a home. Here are a few possibilities. Here is the first house that got away, and here is the second one that got away. Today’s list contains a few more that made the short list but did not warrant an in-person visit–though we did examine the pictures to within an inch of their lives!

All photos taken from Zillow.

House 1.

house 1

The pros:

  • THAT YARD. 1.99 acres and what appears to be a polebarn? YES PLEASE PLEASE. Just imagine the trees with summer foliage.
  • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • Square footage: 2700
  • Below budget by 10%!
  • Lots of opportunities for projects but move in ready
  • Updated-ish kitchen–cabinets appear to be in good shape (and go to the ceiling, wahoo!)
  • In our school system of choice

The “I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing”s:

  • It’s a foreclosure.

The cons:

  • Baseboard heaters throughout. HATE THAT.
  • Needs new flooring and many other cosmetic updates throughout
  • General curb appeal screams 1960s

Here’s the livingroom–tons of natural light and a great view

house 1.2

And here’s the kitchen. Not too bad but not exactly awesome as is. Could use some lovin’.

house 1.3

House 2.

house 2

The pros:

  • Mature trees and I like the exterior! I don’t normally love this type of house but this one I like.
  • 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Would prefer more bathrooms but I can deal.
  • Somewhat updated interior.
  • Below budget by 10%
  • In our school system of choice

The cons:

  • The updated interior is underwhelming, though we could change that
  • Cramped kitchen with tile countertops
  • Lack of lawn

Here’s the kitchen. Very cute, but very small.

house 2.2

House 3.

house 3

I’m sort of just including this one to round out this list of three since it was never really a contender…but let’s discuss anyway! I love talking about houses.

The pros:

  • Built in 2014
  • 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
  • 9ft ceilings! Dream.
  • Crown molding!
  • Granite counters

The cons:

  • In a not-swell school district that we’re trying to avoid
  • Located in a new, cookie-cutter sub-division–no mature trees and a small lot
  • Dining room is located IN kitchen. Literally my least favorite layout ever. WHY.
  • Exterior colors are yucky
  • Telephone lines right next to the house

house 3.1


So, whatcha think? Are we crazy for passing these up? And are we missing anything obvious when we look for our house? Ken and I are rookies at this, after all. We need all the advice we can get.


  • I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess the last house is built by the same people who built our house last year. Our kitchen is almost identical (except we did not spring for stainless appliances or granite countertops), but there’s one tiny difference in the placing of the table light. Ours is about two feet closer to the windows. There’s something really awkward about how that table in your example is right there in the middle. I realize this sounds very dumb since two feet shouldn’t make a difference, but it does.

    That being said, I’m always very glad to see another edition of your house hunting. I’m living the dream with you. :)

  • House #3 – not fond of the exterior, or the lack of trees or the small lot/subdivision. But I could live with that kitchen/dining room combo.

    House #2 – not enough to go on. I think you like the outside because it looks like board and batten. Kitchen is awesome.

    House #1 – wood trim! wood cabinets! love!

  • I’m totally in love with #1!! the yard! I love it…perfect for kids and just a great view. I like the living room…I mean you would obviously want to put some lipstick on it but great lighting! and I think the kitchen is a blessing….some paint on that and it would be so bright and nice! Looks like most of the hard work is done :) This is fun!

  • I love the first house! That living room…swoon! The first house we purchased was a foreclosure. I think like most things it comes with both pros and cons but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing as a buyer. After having bought two houses as of now, my advice would be that if you’re serious about buying a home within the next year, to get your financing squared away and start putting bids on houses. Not sure what your real estate market is like but ours is competitive (lots of cash investors) so we lose some of our offers quite quickly. Plus, having an offer submitted changes the way you look at the house and helps you evaluate how much you really want it. Dunno what stage of home buying you’re in since I’m new to your blog but I hope some of that advice will help! Good luck : ] I’ll be following along your home search.

    • Great advice! Our market is HOPPING too so we made sure that our first stop was at the bank to see what we could realistically afford. Welcome to the blog!

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