February Spending Freeze Recap (in which I share where we are on the house hunt but nothing more)

Weeeeeellll, I know this is the absolute LAST THING you probably want me to be blogging about here, but since I am notoriously bad at finishing things (and have the opportunity to do so here) and because Ken is a meanie-head, this is what you get!

If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook (if not, WHY NOT. I’ll stalk you right back), you saw this tantalizing yet utterly unrevealing photo I posted:


…from which you can logically (and correctly) assume that we found a house. But since the house is not yet ours I want to be careful of how much to share but just know that I am DYIIIIINGGGGG to tell you everything and that it will come all in due time.


Back to budgeting. wah waaaaah.

I’m going to go ahead and label the spending freeze a success–not because we spent nothing, but because we were MUCH more conscious of our spending habits and definitely cut back A LOT on our grocery and personal/fun/entertainment spending.

Here are a few totals because I like statistics:

  • $20.76 spent on groceries and we had a giftcard to cover all that. LET’S JUST SAY we got really creative with pantry meals and I may or may not be eating chips and marshmallows for lunch.
  • $24 spent on two different trips to Applebee’s…which is a BUMMER because a few days ago we found the giftcard we THOUGHT we had and that total COULD HAVE BEEN $0 but no. But we did not spend anything else on entertainment, fast food, or dining. THANK GOODNESS THE OLYMPICS WERE ON.
  • Ken spent $14.96 but they were necessary purchases like donuts for his office and one work lunch.
  • Anne spent $33ish but thanks to some Etsy sales (that money goes back into this category) I came out AHEAD by $25.77.
  • We’re also currently $200 under our gas budget category (which is normally massive) which is awesome and unexpected–we didn’t think that this would be a place we’d save.
  • Operation Sell Absolutely Everything on Craigslist is going VERY VERY well and we’ve netted somewhere between $600 and $800. BOOOOOM.

MAYYYYBEEEEE I can convince Kenny to let me share a very grainy black and white photo of the house’s exteror? Or maybe I can do a whole post talking in abstracts about it? BOOO to being married to a very level-headed and wise lawyer-man who is usually right.


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