Musical Frames (in which my response to chaos is to add to it)

Our 670 square foot apartment currently looks like this:


…and like this:


…and like this.


Both Kenny and I are pretty organized people, and, while this IS organized (despite what it looks like, promise!), it is hard to relax and unwind after long days at work when the things we need to do are staring us in the face.

My natural response to this unsettled feeling is to add to the chaos, obviously. Like this $4 thrift store frame that I COULD NOT pass up.


Awhile ago I purchased this landscape print in a measly plastic frame. I liked the landscape but the fake-wood frame was not okay with me.


So I chopped up the print and switched it out.


It’s not perfect, but it’s one little thing I can control, so in that respect, it is wonderful.

And now I need to pack it up… ! We’re in to single digits and believe me, we are BEYOND EXCITED.


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