Teaser House Post (in which I revisit our initial house checklist and try to keep taking deep breaths)

In an effort to contain myself and tantalize you further, here is a post where I talk about our (almost) house without in fact showing a picture. I am well aware that I am the worst and fully expect rotten tomatoes to be flung my way. But since this blog is basically just a public journal of our lives, I want to document it nonetheless. Fling away!

house hunteres

Here’s the timeline of our house hunt:

12/31, New Year’s Eve: we go to the bank for a initial loan meeting to discuss the fun financials. I was a lawyer-widow for about 20 minutes since Kenny got there late due to a meeting. Good thing I love talking about budgets!

1/11: We make our first in-person visit to a house that an offer had fallen through on and made an offer that day…but (thankfully), our offer was not accepted.

1/13-1/31: We pursue the option of building. We find a lot and lowball an offer, and our offer is accepted! But in the end it became WAY TOO cost prohibitive. (Once again, we’re thankful now that it fell through.)

1/31: An incredible house pops on the market…and while we’re super sad about not being able to build and are fully aware that this could just be our “rebound” house, we make an appointment to see it nonetheless.

2/2, Superbowl Sunday: We see the house in person and it is TOTALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. We obviously make an offer and nervously/distractedly attend a Superbowl party that night.

*(This was only the second house we saw in-person. Our realtor must LOVE us, right? Hey. We know what we want.)

2/3: Our offer is accepted. WHAT WHAT!?!

2/4-present: We sign our name on hundreds of papers, finalize the loan paperwork, get the house inspected (no dealbreakers found!), put in our 30-day notice to vacate our apartment, and make about 50 dreamy date-night trips to Home Depot.

We’re scheduled to close next week and I’m in a permanent state of giddiness. Is this normal?


As I keep focusing on remembering to breathe, let’s revisit the initial list of our hopes and dreams (blue denotes what was written on 1/10; black=today’s notes on our “almost” house).

HERE IS WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR (the MUST haves, non-negotiable):

  • functional kitchen YESSIREE BOB.
  • functional bathroom Done and done, x 2.5!
  • garage (attached, preferably) A 2-staller
  • basement Yes! Daylight, with a huge finished rec room and large unfinished area.

HERE IS WHAT WE’D REALLY REALLY LIKE (in addition to the MUST haves):

  • a 2-story house Checkity-check
  • 3+ bedrooms 4 in this house! Count ’em!
  • 2+ bathrooms 2.5, baby.
  • NO CATHEDRAL CEILINGS Yes and no. The first floor doesn’t have any, but two bedrooms upstairs have lofted ceilings. It’s not bad, though. Phwew.
  • good school district (DO NOT GET YOUR HOPES UP YET MOM) Yes! 
  • some trees on or around yard Holy moley yes! Several copses, no less. (Not sure that word can be pluralized? But I really wanted to use it anyway).

HERE’S WHAT OUR DREAM HOME HAS (aka, the things we would be over the moon about getting but know we probably won’t get in our first home). BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS, FOLKS! THINGS GET CRAZY.

  • master suite YES!
  • 9′ ceilings YES! Unbelieveably, YES!
  • a fireplace! OMG, YES AGAIN!
  • walkout basement Nope, but I’m not actually sure why I put this on the initial list? I don’t mind a daylight basement.
  • large kitchen with white cabinets Not huge but plenty big. YES YES YES
  • 2nd floor laundry Nope, but I have plans. (rubs hands together)
  • and while I’m dreaming, let’s just throw in an extra garage stall, a hot tub, and an extra $200k… ;) How about a huge, 1 acre yard?!? DONE! How about a small stream? OKAY! How about a LAKE!?! YES! WITH A DOCK!

Along with everyone else on the entire planet, we’d like a home that needs just cosmetic updating and not a complete overhaul. Got it! We also have not ruled out the possibility of building, though we have determined that we are not “new subdivision” type of people. Old subdivision, yes, but let’s not make it TOO bright and shiny and fresh (our subdivision is the perfect age! as weird as that sounds…). So if we built, we’d like to find our own lot. Psssh. We’d never find a lot to build like the one we found and close on NEXT WEEK.

We feel super blessed about how smoothly this has gone and how cool the sellers have been. If all goes well, I’ll post pictures ASAP next week as we begin to move in! Special thanks to everyone who has had to put up with me yammering on and on about this house…what can I say? I’m like a proud grandma.


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