Home Sweet Home (in which we embark on our next great adventure)

Today we closed on our first house. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. If this post is jumbled, it is because my brain has felt like this for weeks now: aspdof!!!iuaqwope4iu!!rhq3p987!!!!asdfoiasd!


We’re hopefully moving the bed and a few essentials (like…shampoo, and a crowbar) over today because we are SO SO SO EXCITED. The rest we’ll move this weekend.

I’ll be sharing SO MANY MORE DETAILS over the next few days/weeks/months/years but only have time for a few pics today.

But I could not resist sharing this picture of the backyard from the listing. That, my friends, is the LAKE (at least, I *think* it’s somewhere out there).

house 2

Keep checking back (and follow along on Facebook or Instagram for some sneak peeks) as we dive into this next great adventure!


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