House Tour Part 1 (in which we explore the main floor)

Introducing…the biggest purchase of our lives. Let me give you a tour! The mountains of snow were free. ;)


We have a TON of plans for this place that I’ll probably explain room by room later…today, let’s just look at pictures!

If you walk in the front door, the stairs are straight ahead, and to the left is the living room that looks out on the backyard. The sunroom is on the back of the house, and the dining area is in front of the sunroom next to the living room.


Here is the view looking back on the stairs and the front door. There’s a coat closet in the hallway on the other side of the stairs.


Back to the main area! Here’s the living room again–picture taken from the dining room.


And the sunroom (and the chandelier…).


The sunroom. The slider to the right leads to our deck. FAVE ROOM DUH.


And the kitchen. (Sunroom is to the left). Our bodies are not going to know what to do with all this sunlight/vitamin D….we’ve been living in a cave for the last 1.5 years and our skin is basically translucent like those ocean creatures who live in the depths.


I think the cabinets are original, but the counters and backsplash have been updated more recently. Also, see that basket of cleaning supplies? Left by the greatest sellers ever (not joking–we hit the jackpot). They even included a “welcome home” card and a Home Depot giftcard! (Thanks, C & D!!!)


The pantry is next to the refrigerator (a pantry…what luxury!!!!) and there’s a mudroom off the kitchen that leads to the garage…


…and it has another coat closet! So much storage! We need more stuff, I guess.


The half bath is off the mudroom as well. It’s teeny! but super functional. And literally impossible to photograph. This was the best out of about 10 picture attempts.


That about wraps up the main floor. Friday: the upstairs and basement. Check back in! The excitement is never-ending around here, let me tell you…

Update: Upstairs! Basement! and Outside!

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