House Tour Part 2 (in which we check out the second floor and basement)

Let’s explore the basement of our new house, shall we? Right this way, please.

The basement stairway is right off the dining room and half finished and half unfinished.


The sellers left the red sectional for us. Which is great, since we own approximately one couch and one armchair total.

The unfinished area is through that doorway on the right. This will be a perfect room for workshopping.


And the utility room is to the right. The washer and dryer go on the other side of this stud wall.


Let’s head back to the main floor and head up the stairs!


There’s a nice open area at the top of the stairs with a linen closet and 5 (five!) doorways–one to each bedroom and one to the full bathroom.


Bedroom 1 (on the front of the house)…


…bedroom 2…


…bedroom 3…

(just kidding. the picture evaporated.)

…and the master bedroom!


The wall across from the window is made up of two huge closets.


And if you do a 180 from the picture above you’ll be in the master bathroom.


And that about wraps it up! I’ll try to cobble together a post about the exterior soon. The house is awesome, but the yard is the reason we pulled the trigger. And the plans! We have many. I’ll share soon!

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