House Tour Part 3 (in which we go outside and imagine life without snow)

Last part of the house tour, promise! And this one is somewhat abbreviated. Blame the snow.

Let me set the scene–we’re in 15-20 year-old subdivision where all the lots are an acre plus. Our yard is an acre.


The front porch is small but super cute.


Here’s the (huge) backyard. At least I think it’s somewhere out there under the snow.


There’s a deck off the sunroom. The sellers left their grill (they asked if we wanted it–uh yes we did) and we’re pumped to use it. Dreaming of that day.


All of these snowy pictures are kind of a bummer. HOWEVER. Here are the pictures from the listing. Apparently there IS grass! Yay!


*Note: deck is no longer white, which is good because it would get SO DIRTY.

Here’s our tiny (HA) backyard. Ken plans to invest in a riding mower.


And here’s our “150 feet of waterfront property” according to the listing. It’s not wrong.


I *think* that’s our dock, but I am not at all sure. Again, let me remind you that EVERYTHING IS COVERED IN MULTIPLE FEET OF SNOW.


We’re calling this our “vacation house” since it’s pretty nice out here and stuff. I’m probably going to quit my job, become a trophy wife, and never leave. Except that I love my job and should probably not become a hermit just yet. Maybe in a year or two.


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