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After saving up our pennies, Ken and Anne finally sprung for their first house and closed the deal in March 2014 after house hunting for just 2 months and looking at only 2 houses in person.

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Move-in Day House Tour: Main Floor

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Move-in Day House Tour: Exterior

Our house was built in 1993 and we’re working on updating it to our tastes and dreams. Kenny and I lament occasionally that we’re RUINED for any future houses…THIS is our dream house! Good thing we’re never moving. ;)

This is what the house looked like when we purchased it:


We’ve since removed the railings and painted the shutters and front door. After we replaced the lights, I also built out the columns (which, weirdly, that post has gone viral) and we’ve begun painting the trim. Down with fleshy pink!


Once you head inside the front door, the stairs are immediately ahead of you and the living room is on the left. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in and after we paintedinstalled new flooring, and switched out the black outlets and switches for white ones:

floor before and after 1

Now we’re beginning to furnish this space by adding curtains, a rug, crown molding, and furniture! (Here’s the story of that $10! glorious brass anchor).


Here is the view from the living room looking back on the stairs and the front door. There’s a coat closet in the hallway on the other side of the stairs. We repainted, switched out the light fixture, and I completely rebuilt the stairway. I did this MYSELF and I’m really proud of how it turned out! Sorry for the bragging. I’ll shut up now.

DIY Stair Railing Makeover

The dining room is sandwiched between our living room and our kitchen. One of the first things we did on move-in day was to replace the light fixture.

floor before and after 2

But that light fixture was too small, so we got the larger version a year later.

We’ve also upgraded our dining table to one from Restoration Hardware (review aka saga here).

The kitchen cabinets are original to the house (we think), but the counters, backsplash, and appliances are just a few years old. Here’s how it looked then and how it’s looking now after the new flooring was installed, we updated the hardware and light fixture, removed that florescent light above the sink and added a drum light, and built the cabinets up to the ceiling:

Cabinet trim 1

We later added a bamboo shade and a $15 vintage rug.


If you keep going through the kitchen, you’ll find the mudroom with the door to the garage:

floor before and after 5

Here’s how the mudroom is looking now after paint, new floors, a new light fixture, and, OH YES, I built a mudroom built-in with crown molding:


There’s a tiny half bathroom off the mudroom that is literally impossible for a person of my limited skills to photograph. Here’s what it looked like on move-in day and after it’s upgrade:

Half bath before and after!

We tiled the floors, installed board and batten, painted, and put in a new vanity, faucet, mirror, and crown molding:


The sunroom is at the back of the house off the dining room. Here are a few pictures from when we moved in:



And here’s how it’s looking now after new flooring, paint, curtains, a new rug, and a new couch:


The basement is half finished and half unfinished. We haven’t begun making any big changes to this space (yet!), other than painting it from beige to gray.


And here’s the unfinished area. I wish it was still this clean! This is now our workshop/storage area and every inch is covered with tools and sawdust.


The utility room is through this stud wall and is where the washer and dryer hookups are (maybe someday we’ll finish up a real laundry room). The doorway on the right leads back to the stairs and the finished rec room.


Let’s switch gears and head upstairs. There’s a nice open area at the top of the stairs with a linen closet and 5 (five!) doorways–one to each bedroom and one to the full bathroom. Except that we removed a bedroom and thus a bedroom door bringing our total doorway count to 4.


Our upstairs hall now looks like this.

This is the view coming up the stairs. I <3 it. Deets on the vinyl numbers here.

Bedroom 1 is on the front of the house and is currently a guest room. We haven’t made any changes in here yet, other than to make it a LOT messier than this.


Bedroom 2 is on the back of the house and didn’t really have a purpose…


…until we made a baby and this room became the nursery.

Bedroom 3 is on the back of the halls and featured a vaulted ceiling and teal (!) carpet. We ended up removing the wall between this bedroom and the master bedroom to create an AWESOME master suite. Before:


And AFTER (as part of the newly remodeled master bedroom dreamspace):

Other angle (deets on shelves here):

The master bedroom as it was before was on the front of the house. Here it is pictured when we moved in:


And here it is before we remodeled.


Before we remodeled, this was the other side of the room. We took down this entire wall, whoa!

Master Bedroom (1)

Our master bedroom now looks like this:

We added a walk-in closet with Ikea shelving behind the headboard (the closet now encompasses those windows you saw in the “before” picture above):

If you make a 180 from the above picture, you’ll be in the master bathroom, which hasn’t really been touched much. Here’s the before picture:


And here’s the picture after we removed the shower door, hung up a shower curtain, and replaced the too-small towel bar with hooks:


Switching gears again–let’s head back outside. Our house sits on a tiny lake and our 1 acre yard is BALLER. This is the view from our deck.

backyard future patio

We just invested the deck off our sunroom, adding an outdoor sectional and rug.


We have a DOCK on the lake and I find myself constantly instagramming it. I can’t help myself.


We’re calling this our “vacation house” since it’s pretty nice out here and stuff. I’m probably going to quit my job, become a trophy wife, and never leave. Except that I love my job and should probably not become a hermit just yet. Maybe in a year or two.

We’ve got more big plans for our new home and we’ll keep you updated!


  • I just came across your blog from Thrifty Decor Chick and checked out your house tour…the first thing I do on every new blog that I read. I love all the changes you’ve made, but my favorite thing has got to be the property that your house is on! OMG! SO.IN.LOVE

    • Oh yes–we say all the time that’s why we bought the house! We can update our house pretty easily, but less easy to change is the land. :) Thanks for reading!

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