Living Room Plans (in which move in and immediately tear apart our brand new house)

It didn’t take us long after we first laid eyes on our house to begin planning different projects we wanted to tackle. And since the main floor of our house has a pretty open floorplan, a lot of those project had a domino effect on other projects…which is why we’re already tearing apart our new house.

Here’s our livingroom, to refresh your memory. The layout is great, but there are a few cosmetic updates we want to tackle.


Here’s our overall plans for the space:

  • Replace flooring
  • replace baseboards
  • switch out black outlets and light switches for white
  • add chunky crown molding
  • repaint
  • demo and re-tile fireplace
  • redo fireplace surround and mantle situation
  • upgrade curtains

We’re starting with the flooring of the whole main floor. Since the first floor is made up of two different types of carpet, laminate flooring, and tile flooring, it all feels a little choppy. And since we are deficient in the furniture department, it makes sense to do this upgrade now rather than waiting until we live in the house for awhile and inevitably fill it up.

After weighing the pros, cons, and cost (!) of different types of flooring, we’ve landed on this $.99/square foot laminate flooring from Home Depot.


It’s got a wide plank, it’s textured (a must if we’re going with laminate), it’s easy to install, and it’s cheap. In a dream world, I’d choose a light gray hardwood (the actual stuff) flooring, but that’s a few thousand dollars out of budget.

For the walls, we’re leaning towards Benamin Moore’s Gray Owl.

gray owl

It’s a great neutral gray to start from. Later we can go crazy with accent colors, stenciled walls, and board and batten (and we probably will), but we’re going safe at first. Boring, but we want a blank slate to start from…we’ll get crazy in month two. ;)

Finally, let’s talk about that fireplace. It’s good as-is, but we want to make it even better with a new craftsman style surround (like Young House Love did) and some new tile…I’m thinking marble subway tile? I also think it would look great to take the trim up to the ceiling, kind of like this, minus the TV:

fireplace inspo

After we get these quick fixes done, we can start talking furniture. :)

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  • Oh man, I love that laminate! Great pick. We moved into a house with laminate and it’s so durable.

    Revere Pewter is my favorite gray, I think it reads very gray. Not blue-gray, not purple-gray but gray-gray!

    Furniture. Yay! My favorite part :). Don’t get anything at IKEA, I know Kim at Newlywoodwards will also agree with me. We’ve both owned and then gotten rid of IKEA couches.

    • I picked up a chip of Revere Pewter and I will definitely give it a second look now that you’ve recommended it! Thanks for the tip on IKEA. It’s just so tempting–so cheap and minimalist! The fact that our nearest IKEA is near Detroit or near Chicago (both well over 2 hours away) helps me resist.

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