Master Bedroom Tour and Plans (in which we begin plotting and scheming and get quite ahead of ourselves)

When we moved in, the master bedroom was the room that we spent a little extra time on to get it shipshape–for sanity reasons. With most of the rooms on the main floor in various states of disarray (and the basement is getting broken in as the workshop!), we knew we needed somewhere calming and “finished” in the house.

Master Bedroom (2)

If you recall (way WAY back), Dad built the bed for our wedding gift and my brother built the nightstands. The duvet is from Pottery Barn and we’re (read: I’m) debating whether or not it will stay. The lamps were a steal for $15 (for the set!) from Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago.

Some of my favorite features of this house are the black window frames and the generally ginormous windows.

Master Bedroom (3)

This is the view looking from the head of the bead. The entrance to the room is on the left (and the closets on the wall to the left), and the master bathroom is on the right. We restained the dresser (a hand-me-down gift from Kenny’s parents) before we got married and it is still one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

Master Bedroom (4)

And here’s a glimpse into the master bath, which looks basically the same as it did on move-in day. And that fan. I’ve been on the prowl for a vintage-looking-yet-brand-new fan for about a year, and though I found the perfect one at Target, I didn’t spring for it. Hoping (!) they carry it again this summer!

Master Bedroom (5)

This is our closet wall. My closet is on the left and Kenny’s is on the right, though they connect in the middle. This picture shows a few things that we’d like to change…let me explain.

Master Bedroom (6)

If this was going to be our forever home (which…it may be judging by how much I love it), we’d bust through this wall into the small (very small) bedroom on the other side of the closets and create a large master closet and big sitting area. But that would sort of necessitate finishing off a bedroom in the basement (the unfinished “workshop” room), which would require us to put in a window well and an egress window down there. #diyslipperyslope

Master Bedroom (1)

But since we may eventually move (NEVER! *digs in heels*), we’re keeping that fourth upstairs small bedroom as-is.

Which does not at all mean we want to leave this bedroom as-is. The carpet is going to get the boot (I’m rooting for hardwood with an area rug; Ken wants carpet), and we’ll definitely repaint at some point. Furthermore, if you recall, I mentioned in my house-hunting post that I rather dislike 1990’s style cathedral ceilings (example: see above). Not to mention, above our closet is a florescent light fixture that shines upwards, presumably to illuminate my (still non-existent) collection of fake plants. This cannot be.

So, the (dream) plan is to lower the ceiling (never thought I’d say that) to a typical 8 feet BUT add a super cool recessed tray ceiling with lots of glamorous moulding. The fan would get the axe and would be replaced by a light fixture centered in the recessed tray.

Here are a few examples (click images for sources). First, a basic tray ceiling:

tray ceiling

…and second, a tray/coffered ceiling with a killer light fixture.

tray ceiling 2

Thoughts? Observations? Anyone know how to start a project of this magnitude? This project may be one for a few years down the road. We have a few things to finish up first.


  • If I were you, I would NOT eliminate the ceiling fan! If you don’t like the one that’s there, replace it but you’ll regret not having one. We have ours on 24/7 for 6 months of the year (even though we have air conditioning).

    • Thanks for the tip! We are used to sleeping with a fan on (100%) of the time and are used to turning on the dresser fan. I think we’ll wait awhile before we do anything too crazy to see how we use it.

      • I have to second the ceiling fan comment. That is a west facing room, and the afternoon sun heats it up pretty darn good. You will appreciate the air circulation. Just find one that’s prettier! :) Quite ambitious plans for the ceiling!! I LOVE your bed!!!

        • Oooh, I didn’t think about how the room would heat up in the summer! This winter just feels like it will NEVER LEAVE.

  • As a quick solution so you’re not just staring at the space above your closet, I’d buy some cute baskets and store out of season clothes up there. That way the baskets sort of fill in the space and make it look intentional, and less like a built in seat for someone with wings.

    • LOLing about your last comment. GREAT idea about the baskets! As I was lying in bed this morning staring at that darn area I thought maybe we could put cabinets up there for storage in the meantime? But then I realized how expensive/not very temporary that would be. Baskets it is!

  • Anne – I have a couple very nice baskets (with handles) I’d love to give you if we could figure out how to get them to you. It’s a matching set. One is bigger than the other. Right now, they are lined with fall-colored cloth but that could be either removed or replaced with something more seasonal for this time of year. I could send a picture if you like.

    • Oooh, I’d love them! Thanks, Judy! Perhaps you could give them to Beth to give to me? I see her fairly frequently. Although I’d love to see you in person–it’s been forever!

  • I third or fourth the ceiling fan comment. I swore we’d remove every ceiling fan in our house but replaced all of them with … new ceiling fans. They have some super stylish options for ceiling fans nowadays! We even added a ceiling fan to our living room …

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