The Quest for A Sunnier Sunroom (in which we break out the paint for the first time in years)

After living in dorm rooms and apartments for the last, oh, 7 years, painting a wall feels like a huge luxury. A color other than off-white? SO LUXURIOUS. This is how I know I’ve finally made it. Or something like that.

Anyway, when my sister Sara texted me one Friday that she was available to “help” (read: wanted to see the house), I took full advantage.

Context: here’s what the sunroom looked like when we moved in:


It was painted a fairly inoffensive dark brown and had a TON of natural sunlight (hence the name “sunroom”), but we knew we could make it feel even lighter and airier by painting it a lighter color.

So when Sara texted me that she was coming to help, I put her to work and together we primed the room.


I decided to prime the walls before painting since we were going from a dark, intense color to a light color. It was the right choice.


We didn’t have a ladder at the time I took these pics, but we did pretty well using a folding chair and an extension pole.

AND. I didn’t tape anything and it was the best decision ever. I used this paintbrush:


(from Instagram)

This short-handled, angled brush was REVOLUTIONARY. I could be super precise, and as long as I didn’t experience any involuntary hand tremors, it was fairly easy to paint along the trim.

After I procured an 8ft ladder from my FIL and finished cutting in, Kenny and I headed to Lowes and grabbed some Olympic paint color matched to Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue. It’s the perfect light blue (without leaning too bright or too “baby blue”) since it has some definite green undertones. In fact, when we began painting I was a little panicky because it definitely looked greenish-gray…but then it dried to the perfect blue.

When Kenny and I painted, we made two executive decisions: one,  to paint over the yellow-ish rims of these recessed lights on either side of the French doors (long term plan: replace those rims):


…and two, to paint the ceiling in that area blue (instead of leaving it white like the main ceiling).

I don’t have a zoomed-out picture before we made this decision, but the result was that that whole wall (which has a lot going on with two recessed lights, two angled windows, and the French doors) looked a lot less choppy.

Here’s what that area looked like after we painted that area:


The trim around the doors and windows in this house is in GREAT shape and I’m thrilled not to have to paint it.

Here’s a better view of the whole room (along with a sneak peek of our new floors!):


There are several things that are still on our to-do list for this room for the short term

  • Remove vertical blinds
  • Add curtains and sheers everywhere
  • Restain/repaint orange-ish slider door handle
  • Add new baseboards
  • Add a rug and furniture!
  • Replace white floor vents? They stand out A LOT. But maybe I can just position a couch over them.

And here’s what we’re planning for the long term:

  • Cover the ceiling with reclaimed wood (light gray) and white beams (kind of like this)
  • Replace ceiling fan (you can juuuust see the chain in the picture above)
  • Replace the slider (it was flagged in our inspection as something we’ll have to do in a few years)

We’re definitely itching to get some furniture moved in and for that pesky snow to go away!


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