New Dining Room Light (in which we live in darkness for several weeks before we see the light)

Update: Whoops! I meant to post about our shower door dilemma today…I guess we’ll all have to wait for tomorrow! :)

When we first walked through our house, Kenny made quite the funny face when he saw the light that was in the dining room.

dsc_0960I definitely don’t think it is original to the house (built in 1993), but it isn’t really our style. So when we knew for sure that we were going to buy this house, we made our first house-related purchase: this orb light.


Here’s the back story: we both like the looks of orb lights, so we’d been searching online high and low for one in our price range (and that had more than 1 light) for a few weeks. Joss & Main usually has a bunch, but they’re mostly $200+. But when we were walking through World Market one day and spotted this one, we purchased it on the spot for $119. I think it’s a fairly new product which is why we hadn’t found it in our earlier searches.

So on move-in day (yes, weeks ago), I helped Dad take down the old chandelier. We began putting up the new one but once Dad held it up, we noticed that two (!) of the welded joints on the outer orb had snapped.


I took it back to World Market later that week, but they then informed me that it would be at least TWO WEEKS before they got another one in stock.


So we waited, without a light in our dining room until we got a replacement.

But we’re finally in business. Dad put it up, and Grandpa helped. Have I mentioned that I have a pretty great fam?


Sidenote: FLOORING SNEAK PEEK. Aka, the project that will never end. Perhaps someday.

Sidenote 2: Go Spartans!

We picked up some round bulbs from Lowe’s and we LOVE the way it looks. DSC_1096

It may be a tad on the small size for our dining room, but since our kitchen/dining/living room are all lined up and open, we wanted a light that wouldn’t block the line of sight too much.


I’ll post better pictures once we finish some of the current projects we’ve got going on (flooring, painting,table shopping?, other new light fixtures!, etc.) because the rest of the house looks CRAZY. It’s for your own good.


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