Painting Partay (in which I feed my friends bagels in exchange for manual labor)

I am blessed to be a part of an excellent group of friends. Case in point: these friends were willing to spend a Saturday covering our massive living/dining kitchen with paint. Seriously? Who does that!?!

They are swell.

Kenny and I decided to go with Ben Moore’s Gray Owl paint as the main color on the first floor. We wanted something neutral (since the main area is LAAAAARGE) yet something with a bit of color in it. I am not yet brave enough to do plain white.

I got up close and personal with the area above our kitchen cabinets (as Kenny worked on the flooring under the stove and fridge–you can juuuust see his blue shirt):


My friend Beth actually claims to love cutting in. And she’s good at it, so I will indulge her whenever. In the picture below you can sort of see just how much we had to paint…the beige-y color even goes right on up the stairs.


Emily and Kelli rolled and cut in. I had the paint matched to Lowe’s Olympic no-VOC paint, and the coverage was swell. I just have to do one more touch-up coat–one coat was basically enough.


And Katie also rolled. See? Fantastic friends. Not pictured: Lorie (the taker of these pics) and Laura (who was off saving lives as an ER nurse).


Painting is basically the perfect social activity to do with friends. We don’t have to get all dolled up, we can chatter on to our heart’s content, we get *some* sort of arm workout, and we feel like we accomplish something. Next we need to paint a nursery for Kelli (NOT for me, nono), which will be infinitely more fun since we can talk about teensy onesies and socks that are two inches long.

Though painting the main floor is far from done, there are certain angles that you can look at that appear finished. Like this shot (crooked; don’t worry about it), with the new dining room light fixture:


(The floors are still not finished, which is why I’m still being stingy with those pictures.).We’re now debating whether or not to paint the ceiling. The original paint is in pretty good shape, but it is definitely not bright white–you can sort of see the “off-whiteness” in the picture above. But my neck ACHES just thinking about painting the whole ceiling so we’ll probably ignore it. Also–you are not seeing things–the fireplace surround and mantle is painted a cream-ish white while the rest of the trim and the doors in the house are a bright white. No idea why, but it doesn’t matter because of our fireplace plans.

I’ll post more pictures as we finish up other areas. You haven’t heard the last of me yet… ;)


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