New Couch (in which we venture into the land of la-z-boys and return triumphant)

West Michigan-slash-the Midwest in general is THE land of overstuffed furniture. We KNOW how to do comfort. And some couches here even come with CUPHOLDERS. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

But when Ken and I ventured out for our first “real” furniture purchase as adults, we wanted something that not only felt amazing but that looked amazing too. And nothing with cupholders exactly fit Ken’s stringent requirements.

We settled on this couch:


*sorry about the flash-y photo. I cannot figure out how to get my camera to capture the great natural light in this room. (SARA, help!)

Our main requirements were these:

  • “pillow” back couches with detachable cushions: bad
  • structured look/not too puffy: good
  • white or brown: bad
  • nice legs: good


I liked the nailhead trim on this couch, and the color fit the bill. Also, these legs. The pillow were a nice surprise that we didn’t know we were getting. I want something with more color/less beachy-coastal, but I can totally be on board with free pillows. :)


(Alternate title of this post: In which Anne takes a bajillion glamour shots of her couch like a madwoman)…one more:


I’ll do a separate post on the baseboards since they were/are a TREAT. Also: BREAKING NEWS–I had the slider door open whilst taking these pics. It was only like 50 degrees, but it. was. incredible.

And. I’m sure you were on the edge of your seat wondering, but we are STILL not done with our floors. We still need to demo out a whole tile hallway…gotta get on that!


  • Love your couch! And free not-so-glamorous pillows = free future inserts for gorgeous hubba-hubba pillows. :)

    Oh, and when it was 50 degrees here the other day we built a fire and made soup. Brrrrrrrr.

  • Hi – I just found your blog today and have been reading nonstop. I had to comment on this post, though because I TOTALLY AGREE with your assessment of midwest furniture! You go to virtually any furniture store in the midwest, that isn’t Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardward, and ALL you find are giant -overstuffed- basic- beige -nothing- different- or- unique. It’s a definite challenge. YEars ago when I was looking for the comfy slipcovered casual look all I could find out there was basic giant arm furniture. So frustrating!!! Looks like you found something great, though, so congrats!
    Now to keep reading through your blog – and look forward to seeing the final staircase reveal!

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