Master Bedroom Curtains (in which we make ourselves at home just a wee bit more)

Our bedroom is currently the least chaotic place in our home by a LONG shot. All of the other upstairs rooms remain either empty or filled with unpacked moving boxes; we also have yet to hang a shower curtain in our upstairs full bathroom. Our basement looks like a secondhand furniture store exploded, and our main floor? It’s pretty crazy with the flooring project and painting project and all the other little things we’re working on.

Since our bedroom is the one place in our house we can really feel relaxed, I finally hung some curtains and it’s made a HUGE difference. Here’s the before, without curtains:


…and here’s the “after,” with curtains:


Since our window is HUGE, we used the extra long IKEA curtain rod we had in our apartment’s living room and did the old “hang ’em high and wide” trick to amplify the perceived size even more.


The curtains are IKEA’s $10 Vivan curtains and the sheers are my FAVE, the cheap $5 ones from IKEA. Are you sensing a theme? IKEA just has awesome curtain prices that can’t be beat.


The beige paint with the gray curtains looks a little clash-y, but we have no immediate plans to repaint since we have so many other projects going on around the house…not to mention, the cathedral ceilings in this room make the walls TALL, so I’m in no hurry.

I LOVE the difference that curtains make in a room–it changes the whole feel! Now I’m itching to add curtains to the main floor, but the dust issue concerns me. I think we’re still a month or two out from the point where dust isn’t an issue anymore…can’t come soon enough!


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