Pit O’ Fire (in which Ken gets his hands dirty but lets me do the fun stuff)

Last Saturday, Kenny built me a firepit. Except better: he did all the hard work, and I came home just in time to actually stack the blocks (the most fun part!), and he let me do it! What a guy.

First, Ken shoveled out a circle where we wanted our firepit to go. He got it fairly level (important!) and then we got it even more level with some pebbles from the ol’ Home Deep. We then laid the first row of pavers, being SUPER CAREFUL to keep everything level. Did I mention that levelness is important?


But for the second row, we had to adapt the pavers–we purchased the cheapest kind ($1.63 each) and they came with a lip on the bottom. Ken chipped them off with a hammer so they would lay perfectly flat on the first row.


While he chipped away, I got to place each paver. Keeping things level, of course.




Oh, are you wondering where on our vast estate we planted this puppy?



Breaking it down:

30 pavers from Home Depot at $1.63 each: $48.90

bag of pebbles: $2

acreage on which to place pit: $$$$$$

time spent: 2ish hours for Ken, 15 minutes for Anne

tools used: shovel, level, hammer, brute strength



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