Exterior Colors (in which I open the floor up for a rousing discussion of paint choices)

Last weekend, Ken turned me loose in the paint chip section of Lowes. Little did he know that he would come to regret that decision, as I would then proceeded to take the next year and a half (almost) debating between potential colors for the exterior of our house.

Take pictures when you move into a new house! 2


Photo take by Josh from this shoot. Memories.

Here’s what we have going on. TAN TAN TAN and let’s just add another for good measure TAN.

And the red door obviously looks great, but it’s a little too classic for me.

Another twist: the windows in this house are oil-rubbed bronze (brownish/black) instead of the typical white. Which I like, but it makes picking exterior colors tricky.

Preliminarily, I’m leaning towards a green (true green) door (not hunter, not lime, not teal) and navy shutters. Our friends Josh and Lien just picked this same color scheme for their new house and I think it’s swell.


Since I have less than zero photography skillz, the colors are kind of washed out, but I’m currently leaning toward the 2nd or 4th from the top green, and the dark navy for the shutters that is 3rd from top.


The big question is what to paint the trim. Obviously it cannot remain pinkish-tan. But would white, which I would instinctively choose, look weird since the windows aren’t white? Should I go with dark brown painted trim to match the windows, or would that make the house look too dark?

Kenny is on board with painting the vinyl siding, but I don’t think I would enjoy repainting it every decade, so for now, the tan siding stays.

The only color we’ve really vetoed at this point is mustard yellow (and…less conventional options like hot pink are out of the question, obviously), so we’re open to any and all suggestions!


  • Personally, I like the green just above the browns in the last photo. Looking at the house as a whole, I am sorta inclined to recommend keeping the door trim the same color as the window shutters. I think white would be nice but this kinda paint job is outta my realm so I might try Photoshopping (or finding someone who can) the colors to see how it would look. I love fun painted doors!

    • Yeah, some photoshop action is definitely necessary. I just need to find an unsuspecting individual to make my unreasonable demands upon. ;)

  • LOVING the color scheme, obviously :) moss green (fourth from top) is my vote for the door! I’m a white trim kinda gal pal but it would be a huge endeavor especially if it looks silly at the end ;)

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