Painted Ceilings (in which I write about…SPOILER ALERT: painting our ceilings)

After we painted most of the main floor from beige to light gray, the ceiling was looking pretty dingy and slightly pinkish.

I tried to ignore it; I really did.

Painting ceilings SUCKS.

I usually end up with about half the paint that is meant for the ceiling in my hair.

But in my heart of hearts I knew it needed to happen, so I put on my big girl panties last week and went to town.


This 2-gallon bucket was about $25 at Home Depot, and as soon as I started rolling it on I knew it had been a wise investment.


See how dark the old ceiling color was? The new paint color looks a wee bit blue in the pic below, but I promise that’s just my mad photography skillz.


I got cocky near the end of the room and decided I could keep painting without dragging along the dropcloths that I had so carefully placed on the fireplace side of the room. WORST DECISION EVER. Now my computer (gotta have tunes during a job like this), our stove, and our new floors are ever so slightly speckled with ceiling paint. It comes off if you attack each. individual. droplet. with a fingernail, but that may take a few years because AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

In the pics above you can also see the beginnings of our crown molding adventure. As we were checking out with the molding at Home Depot, the employee asked, “have you ever installed crown before” and we looked at each other and said “no” and the employee proceeded to tell us that we’d chosen the MOST COMPLICATED molding that they carry in the store. He then proceeded to ask about our marriage and wished us luck….as in–this molding could be the end of all that is good and holy. So this will be fun.

Now, if this wasn’t the most riveting two-minutes you’ve spent, I don’t know. *bows deeply*

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