Thrifted Kitchen Rug (in which I return to my thrifting ways and find treasure)

Since I sold my last kitchen rug on Craigslist (gah, loved that thing), I’ve been on the lookout for a new one. And I finally found it–at the thrift store, of all places.

It’s been a bit since I’ve thrifted (we’ve been distracted with the house and all), but it was SO GOOD to be back in my little realm.

Here’s the picture I texted to Kenny. He “had no strong feelings about it,” which I obviously translated to “absolutely get it right now stat asap.”


It’s not vintage but looks like it. My guess is that it is 20-30 years old, so we got lucky that this is a true magenta rather than mauve.


The color is deeper in some places than others, which I LOVE.


Here it is in it’s new habitat. While neither Ken nor I are a lover of pink, this much is perfectly acceptable to us both. And the price was just $14. Not an excellent price for the thrift store, but it’s in perfect shape (for serious, guys…I don’t think it’s ever been used) and I would pay much more than that if I had found it new in a store.


The yellowed light fixture is looking yellower than ever these days. Must replace asap. Also: FLOORS. Details coming in the next post!

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