Flooring Reveal and Updated House Pics (in which I clean my house for the sole reason that I have a blog)

This blog is a great motivator for me to stop living in construction dust/debris and to actually get things DONE and CLEAN so thank you for that, I guess.

We finally finished our flooring project! Huzzah! Cue the trombones. (Here’s the other posts leading up to this one: ripping out carpet/leveling the floor, underlayment, and tile demolition)

I even made some snazzy “before and after” photo collages in honor of the occasion. Look out, world!

Let’s start in the mudroom. Under the old laminate flooring was: underlayment, linoleum, and a quarter-inch subfloor held down to the main subfloor with 1 million staples.

floor before and after 5

And then: the kitchen.


I love this room SO MUCH. Just gotta get rid of that yellow-y light and the unibrow florescent above the sink.

floor before and after 4

LOVE. New floors adorned with new rug. And Detroit Tigers tickets on the fridge.


And then, the dining room. We finally moved in our nice dining chairs but a new table will happen eventually.


So far, we’ve done something to almost every plane in this room–new floors, wall paint, and ceiling paint. And the dining room light fixture, obvs.

floor before and after 2

I styled the mantle nicely for these photos (#opposite).


The bullnose on the step up into the hallway in the picture below was one of the hardest parts of this flooring installation. But now that we got it done, it looks BALLER.


We haven’t finished where the flooring meets the fireplace tile, in part because the fireplace is going to get a makeover. Hopefully in the next decade.

floor before and after 1

Furniture is sporadic and placement is far from permanent. Also, in the picture below you can see that the laminate we choose is textured and has a beveled edge. It makes everything feel a little more glamorous/real.


We upgraded the baseboard as well. <–(so easy to type that sentence…SUCH a long process/ordeal in actuality). I may elaborate someday, once I become emotionally stable once again.

floor before and after 3

COST BREAKDOWN…approximate, since I can’t bear to actually add it all up:

Underlayment: $300

Flooring: $850 (using discounted Home Depot giftcards from Raise.com AND a Lowe’s 10% off moving coupon for an approximate savings of 20%)

Baseboards: $250 ($1.25/sq foot)

Self-leveling underlayment, drill mixer thing, bucket, mold inhibitor spray stuff, new wax ring for toilet, coping saw: $80

Other: $blood, $sweat, $tears

Now that this big project is done, we’re excited to work on some smaller projects. And move in a little. About 75% of our stuff is still in boxes, and I guess that should change sometime.

SO: THERE. Biggest house project of our lives thus far, summed up in a tidy little blog post! I can now rest easy.


  • It looks so great!! (Also, Ken busted you at Gala by telling me that the floors were done and you were just holding out on us for the post. So…) ;)

    • Haha, caught!! I usually write posts a week ahead of time…and for the floors, I just had to finish the baseboards before I took final pictures too. :)

    • We are very happy with them! There’s been one or two times where we’ve, oh, dropped a hammer and chipped the laminate or scraped something heavy over it, but we just color those in with a black sharpie and cannot find those places back.

  • Hi! I just found you via Pinterest. I just bought two boxes of this flooring and laid it down to test for a little bit with our children. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dark floors forever and these are perfect between style and price. But I’m so so so scared of possible damage from toys dropped and such (we have two little boys). Any hope you can give me that these might do ok?

    • We like our floors, but I think they will be 10 year floors for us…as in, we’ll probably upgrade them eventually. They are good floors and it takes a lot to ding them. But they are laminate, so if the finish is chipped or scratched (which is hard to do but not impossible), it reveals the light-colored inside of the board. We have been able to “color in” all of the chips and scratches that have occurred with black sharpie and have a hard time finding those places back, but it is something to be aware of!

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