Temporary Patio Furniture (in which I purchase non-grocery items from a discount grocery store)

Guys, I’ve gone down the slippery slope.

You know the one–non-grocery items from the grocery store.

I purchased a PATIO FURNITURE SET from ALDI (owned by the same people as Trader Joe’s for those who have not discovered this gem).

I know. I know. This was probably a terrible idea. But it seemed like a great purchase at the time.

patio 2

Purchasing furniture for our deck was not in the cards for this year…not with all the other large furniture and large house-related purchases we’ve been making. (If you listen closely, you can hear our wallets wheezing). We’d resigned ourselves to an empty deck.

But then, as I was walking down the Aldi aisle with my $.25 rented cart, past the $1.19 tortilla chips and dirt-cheap cereal, I saw the patio set above and the rest is history.


We didn’t expect much from an $80 patio furniture set, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised thus far. And to be clear: this is our 1-year plan. We can hopefully invest in some better furniture next summer. But for the price, we’re super thrilled to have some usable furniture in the meantime.

But I still have to ask myself: where does it end?? Wall art from Walgreens? Sofas from Save-a-Lot?

I need to do some serious introspection in the days ahead. Wish me well.


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