Avocado Salad (in which I again make the mistake of blogging an inherently non-photogenic slimy green meal)

We all know that I’m no food blogger, but sometimes, I just can’t help myself and I like to pretend. This is one of those times. Bear with me.

This salad has revolutionized our mealtimes.


It’s avocado based, thus the green slimy look that is all the rage with the kids these days (I think? I’m very out of touch). And Ken was ravenous, so I did not take the opportunity to perfectly place each tomato and bacon bit. Forgive me.

In the salad above, here’s what I used (adapted from here):

1 avocado (cubed, not mashed)

4-5 slices of turkey bacon (or regular bacon; whatever floats your boat)

3 hard boiled eggs

2 roma tomatoes

fresh mozzarella (in retrospect, you couldn’t really taste this much)

dash of lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste

Mix everything together and serve cold. Serves 2.

For people without any foresight (ME), this is a great dinner to whip up after work. And it’s super filling too–we stay full for.ev.er. from this salad. I predict it will be the new staple for the summer.

Avocado is our current favorite food, and we’re on the hunt for new recipes with avocado in it. Got ideas for us? Share in the comments!


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