1 Fluorescent Down (in which we remove our kitchen’s unibrow)

When we first walked through our house with our realtor, Kenny and I both noted one thing we wanted to change ASAP: the fluorescent light fixture that spanned the cabinets above our sink…our kitchen’s unibrow.


Not only was it a fluorescent light (strike 1), it made the kitchen feel smaller because it eliminated some of the open space/feeling in front of our large kitchen window. Or maybe it was just me.


So the other day when we had a spare moment, we turned off the electricity, unwired and unscrewed the fixture, and popped out the wood piece spanning the space between cabinets. The only debacle occurred the next day when I accidentally wiped up a stray screw and shook out the washcloth over the sink…thus dropping the screw into our garbage disposal. Ken saved the day and got it out with our shop vac.

Removing the light immediately made the kitchen look WAY better and now it feels much more open.


We ended up just capping the wires and hiding them above the cabinet, but the long term plan is to put a pendant light above the sink. It’ll involve some creative wiring, since the wires currently come out of the wall and ideally, pendant lights hang from the ceiling. I have a plan, but I’m not sure if I have the skills or confidence to set those plans in action, so we’ll just have to see about that.

Unfortunately, this fluorescent light fixture was only one of THREE total we have in the house, so we’re only just beginning getting rid of them all. But the other light fixture in the kitchen (the yellowish one in the pic above) has a limited number of days left since we picked up a few new fixtures on our trip to IKEA on Saturday. More on that later. :)

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