Adding Some Color (in which we all learn valuable lessons about preparation and persistence)

Kenny and I felt the need recently to put our mark on things with a good old dose of color since we’ve been working on some basic, bland projects lately (the floors, our neutral gray walls, our newly painted ceilings, etc.). Our target? This white door in our mudroom that leads to the garage. It seemed as if this door was perpetually grimy, so we decided to go with a dark, bold color.


However, after I put the first coat of paint on, I began freaking out a bit. Our once relatively unoffensive, slightly grimy white door now looked like this:


After 3 coats of paint, it’s looking much better, though it could still use another coat. (Thanks to all who encouraged me to keep going!)


Unfortunately, I’m not sure if this door’s story is over just yet. In our haste to slap some color up, Ken and I (okay, fine, Ken was not involved) mayyyyy have taken some shortcuts, including 1) not determining if the door’s original coat of paint was latex or oil-based, and 2) not sanding this door (to help the paint stick better). We may be okay for a while, but the garage side already has a few chips in the paint. BOOOO. Lesson learned,  I guess.


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