Seascape Gallery Wall (in which I finally put the first nail holes into our freshly painted walls)

Yesterday I shared how we added a good old dose of color to our mudroom, but I neglected to show you what else I did to the mudroom: a good old-fashioned gallery wall:


I chose three of my fave thrifted seascapes that looked good together and put some holes into our freshly painted walls. Let’s just say an emotional barrier has finally been crossed…the rest of our walls are no longer safe with me.


Here’s how our mudroom looks now. Future plans include an epic built-in locker system/bench/upper-cabinet combo, but since we have a few other projects going on at the moment, this will suffice.


This little space is almost done for now…all we need are a new light fixture and some curtains. Curtains=my favorite thing, so that will happen SOON.

Note: this post brought to you by Jessie, who ever-so-thoughtfully goaded me into finally hanging stuff on the walls, the letter “D”, and the number “7”. :)


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