Spring Exterior House Tour (in which I include many long-awaited pictures of green grass)

I know I already subjected you to a boatload of pictures of the exterior of our house when we moved in, but we’ve been having SO MUCH FUN watching the snow melt and seeing what our yard really looks like. Buying a house in the winter may not be super conventional, but it turns springtime into an adventure of epic proportions.

First, let’s head out onto the deck with our Aldi patio furniture. This is basically the view from the sunroom.


Here’s the view from the deck looking to the southern part of our backyard. You can juuuust see two of the five pine trees we planted along our property line. And the stake in the foreground is marking an oak seedling we planted…one of 10 oak seedlings and 10 maple seedlings. Overkill? Definitely. :)


And here’s the view from the deck looking toward the northern part of our backyard. The lake is in the background, and that cement area? That’s a spillway with a culvert from the lake to our creek.


At the bottom of our deck stairs, we just uncovered these great stones that had been mostly covered by grass.


Here’s a better pic of the spillway, culvert, and our creek! To the left of the picture is the beginning of the natural area that runs to the road in front of the house.


Across the spillway is the firepit that Kenny built.


And here’s the view of our end of the lake looking from the spillway. We have a dock that still needs to be put in. Hopefully that will happen this week!


In the below pic you can see the natural area that the creek runs into.


Call us crazy, but we’ve already begun to tame some of the natural area by removing some underbrush and adding some cement steps. We’ll definitely leave most of it, but the fort-making tendencies from my childhood remain strong. :)


Here’s a better view of the steps we put in. They currently lead nowhere (as you can see, haha), but we’d love to carve out a little clearing near the creek eventually.


Here’s our front yard with the natural area on the left.


There’s not much landscaping in the front yard, and we had wanted to plant a line of trees along the road, but we had our electric company come and mark buried wires and the wires are buried exactly where we’d wanted to plant the trees. We’re still mulling over plan B.


And that concludes our Spring 2014 exterior house tour. We’re eagerly awaiting the leaves that will pop out on our trees any day now and can’t wait to see what surprises the summer brings!


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