Updated Hallway Light (in which we ditch faux stained glass for IKEA)

Here is our hallway as it was 1 week ago, complete with a faux stained glass semi-flush light fixture.


Since we’ve transitioned our home away from beiges and browns and “warm” colors in general in favor of grays, blues, and greens, this light fixture was looking more and more out of place.

And the kicker? It wasn’t even real stained glass! It’s some sort of plastic-y stuff that just tries to pass itself off as the real stuff.

So we grabbed an ALANG light fixture from IKEA and switched it out. (My apologies for the weird morning light!). Kenny was a champ and did this himself (sidenote: before we were married, Ken wouldn’t have known what an electrical wire was if it poked him in the face. He’s come a long way.) with only a few (okay, a lot of) choice words to express himself, um, creatively throughout the process.


It draws about 100% less attention to itself, which is exactly what we wanted. Is this a long term light fixture? Maybe, or maybe not. Since we didn’t spend much on it ($30), we wouldn’t be opposed to switching it out if we found an incredible light fixture that we couldn’t pass up.


Enough about the light–let’s talk about that weird recessed area that is only half painted. There’s a fluorescent light fixture that shines upwards in it that we’d love to rewire into the closet (which currently does not have a light at all). Once we do that, we can put cupboards or a bookshelf up there. I think we’re leaning towards closed storage right now, but who knows–that could change! We’ve just gotta figure out how we want to get it done. :)

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