Sunroom Curtains: The First Layer (in which I swathe a whole room with tulle)

Our sunroom used to look like this:


…and now it looks like this:


Sunglasses are now a necessity when you step into this room. It’s delightful.

Since we moved in, we’ve painted, installed new flooring and baseboards, purchased a couch, and added a rug.

We just went to IKEA, though (our annual pilgrimage), and that means we’re curtaining this place up! Or rather starting to–this is only the first layer.


The rods are a dark silver, and I think we’re going to forgo finials (though we purchased a bajillion of them!). Since we wanted sheers and regular light-blocking curtains, we are going with a double rod on each window. The sheer curtains are IKEA’s LILL curtains, my fave product from them BY FAR (they are only $4!!! $4!).

Below you can see the white RITVA curtains we will eventually hang–I couldn’t resist seeing how it would look! I have to hem them though and want to wash them before I do that, so we’ll get there. And I have a grand scheme (involving ribbon–Ken is pumped) that I plan to attempt as well.


I couldn’t hang these curtains *quite* as high as I wanted to because of our half-moon window, but I definitely hung ’em wide. And yes, I hung them right over our slider. The curtains can be easily pushed out of the way for when we go in and out, and I wanted the room to feel symmetrical.


We still have some plans for this space (ceiling, I’m looking at you!) and some more furniture to add eventually, but goodness, curtains make EVERYTHING better. So good.


  • We added the Ritva curtains to our living room too. Such a cost-effective update! Now I just need to hem them oh only about 7 months after hanging them…

  • Hi Anne – I just stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying catching up. Question – are those IKEA curtain rods and what do you think of them? I want to do a double-rod situation also (on quite a few large windows!) and omg, money. IKEA’s prices are MUCH more reasonable but I didn’t know about quality… Our IKEA is 3 hrs away so yes, it’s a pilgrimage and I like to know before I go. Thanks! :)

    • I LOVE Ikea’s curtain rods (but our IKEA is 2.5 hours away too, booo!). However, I usually use a center bracket to prevent sagging with the thinner rods–I don’t mind the extra bracket but if you want a cleaner look I think they have a thicker rod as well that wouldn’t sag. Also–their finial (end screw-in thingie) selection is pretty boring but that doesn’t bother me much either…I just go without or buy the plain round ones. :)

      • :) thanks that helps reassure me so much!! I didn’t want to count on buying a whole houseful this weekend (new house, no window coverings… AHH! $$$) and then be disappointed/rushing to plan B only one week before our move-in date…

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