Finishing Touches in the Mudroom (in which brevity is necessary as we all recover from Memorial Day)

Here’s a short and sweet post since I think we’re *all* recovering from a Memorial Day grilled-food coma….yes, ’twas delightfulSummer is finally here! Cue the trombones.

On the left is our mudroom as it looked on move-in day. On the right is how it looked after we painted and installed new flooring.

floor before and after 5

I also recently painted the door and added a gallery wall:


Most recently, Kenny replaced the light fixture with an IKEA Alang light and I hung some IKEA Lill curtains. Yes, these updates are the entire reason for this post…don’t blink, our you’ll miss it!


These simple updates take this room from feeling “mostly finished” to “even more finished.” :) We still have to paint the ceiling and install crown (and eventually build in a mudroom bench/locker system!), but this feels great for now.

I think we shall have to turn our attention to the outdoors, no? The warmer weather is totally calling my name! Tomorrow on the blog: details on the dock. You won’t (well, possibly) want to miss it.

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