Let the Dock Days Begin! (in which we hire out a job and gleefully sit back and watch)

We hit the jackpot in the house department for about a bajillion reasons. One such reason is that our house came with a DOCK (not to mention, the lake itself!).

However, we know nothing about docks, so we were more than happy to hire out the job of installing our dock for the season. Hiring it out was a rather drawn-out process, however, since the dock guy who had previously installed our dock didn’t show on the day of his appointment and never returned our calls after that. Googling “dock guys” doesn’t really do much either, but somehow Kenny found a trio of intrepid dock installers.

We gave them fair warning that we were new homeowners and had literally no idea how our dock went together, but they seemed confident they could get the job done. Here’s what they were working with (yes, that pile o’ boards!):

IMG_20140501_163017_311 (2)

(Rowboat and paddleboat are reasons #10938235 and #10938236 on the house jackpot list!)

Their strategy was to lay the dock out on the lawn. I watched through this process, as it was quite entertaining to hear them try to reason it out. Also: yes, the weather was as miserable as it looks: about 40 degrees (no joke!), slightly misty, and very blustery. I wore my winter coat whilst supervising and was still cold.


Eventually the dock guys got the jist of how the whole thing went together and donned their wetsuits. No photos of their outfits…I didn’t want to be that girl.


After about an hour, it became apparent to the dock guys that we were missing 1 lag bolt. Shoot! They ended up going and installing two other docks, picking up the bolt we needed, and coming back at about 8:30 that night to finish the job. And after seeing what they had to do to get it installed, it’s fair to say that Ken and I will always be hiring this job out. No wetsuits in 40 degree weather for us, nosiree!

Our dock consists of a large (maybe 8′ x10′?) platform, a bench, and another section leading to land. The sellers also left some solar lights that go on the top of each 4×4 post that I’ll put on soon.

So now, this is the view from our sunroom:



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