Kitchen Cabinet Trim and Primer (in which I find it necessary to call in Dad to save the day)

Last week I showed you how we built our cabinets up to the ceiling. Once we finished that part, it was time for the fun stuff: trim and primer!

Here are how things are looking today:


Getting to this point required several evenings of sanding, wood filling, trimming, and caulking. And then, finally, I coated it all with a coat of primer! I find that I work best when I don’t try to get everything done in one evening, and for projects like this that are very visible, I definitely need to make sure the details are done right.

Also? During big projects like this, regularly scheduled (ha) cleaning goes out the window, so you can just ignore the fingerprints all over the microwave. ;)

We ended up continuing the crown molding around the cabinets in the same style as the rest of the room (chunky crown over a piece of baseboard). I also added a trim piece above the old cabinet to mask the transition from cabinet to the area we built up above it, since it would be nearly impossible to get everything completely smooth.


Dad even got in on the fun one night when I begged him to come over and help with the crown molding. Guys, I am terrible at coping crown molding. TERRIBLE. I know I need to keep practicing, but it’s discouraging to work for an hour on a corner and not even be able to get it up to my “caulk-able” standards. And…it takes Dad like 5 minutes per corner, so he’s the right guy to call for the job. :)


After we get the crown molding up, I can caulk all of that and then put a couple of coats of paint over everything. But first, we need to deal with the over-the-sink pendant light situation (the situation? currently…there is not a light there). I had hoped we’d be able to ignore it for a bit and come back to it, but it turns out that the best time to address it is now so we can hide the wires in the crown molding (to avoid tearing into the drywall).

We’re already thrilled with the change, though, and can’t wait for things to look a little more finished!


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