White Sunroom Curtains: The Second Layer (in which we act like adults but live to regret it)

On our recent trip to IKEA, Kenny and I grabbed 3 sets of white RITVA curtains for $25 a pop for the sunroom. We also grabbed 3 $4 sets of LILL sheer curtains and a million curtain rod pieces that we installed recently. The RITVA curtains were to be the icing on the cake.

But before we could hang them, I had to hem them.

And, since from time to time Ken and I try to do the “adult” thing, we figured we should probably wash the curtains before we hemmed them. It’s what adults do, right?

Well, that was a huge mistake.

Washing them was no big deal, but once we tossed them through the dryer, we were left with a Very Large Pile of Very Wrinkled Curtains.



Not only that, but the string-y tabs that IKEA puts on the back of all their curtains (that we’d planned on using to hang them!) did not fare so well in the heat of the dryer and got all melty and stuck to places where they should not have stuck.


But these curtains were not going to iron themselves, so we got to work. Ken (who is actually much better at ironing than me) took the first shift. He would give the curtains a once-over (sounds fast–was not–we spent three WHOLE EVENINGS on these darn curtains) and hand them off to me. I would lay them down on the floor (a perk to not having much furniture, indeed), measure them, pin them, and hem them. And then I took the second ironing shift and re-ironed Every Single Yard of those six curtain panels.

It took a Very Long Time.





There are a few more furniture pieces we want to get for this space, but we’re enjoying it mightily. Curtains are my fave.

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