Stringing Globe Lights (in which we break out some old decor from our wedding)

Kenny and I got married almost two years ago, though it feels simultaneously like it was yesterday and at the same time much much longer ago.

One aspect of our outdoor picnic-type reception (the menu: 4 types of sliders and a s’more bar! still excited about it) was strings of globe lights. I don’t have a great picture of them being used at our wedding, but we got the lights at Target.

Since our wedding, however, these lights have stayed packed away tight in their little boxes, waiting for the day when they could shine brightly once again.

Friends, that day has come. We now have a deck that is *begging* for some globe lights.


To illustrate what we were going for, I created this super high-tech rendering of our space:

deck rendering

Our deck is oddly shaped, and we only had two strands of globe lights, so our plan was to string them in a “U” shape over our deck, beginning and ending at the house. The stars show where the “corners” of the lights would go.

We ran to Home Depot and picked up our supplies: two 10′ lengths of 3/4″ conduit (in the electrical aisle) for $3 each, and 1 4-pack of brackety things for like $1. We already had screws and hooks.

First we affixed the hooks to the house under the soffit.


Then we drilled a hole into the conduit and screwed hooks into the hole we’d drilled. We already had the hooks, which is why we did it this way, but it occurred to us halfway through that “S” hooks would have been much easier to use (no hole drilling needed!).


Then we took the brackets and screwed them into the corner posts of our deck and threaded the conduit through that.


The fun part was then plugging the lights in and finding out ONE ENTIRE STRAND DIDN’T WORK. Thankfully Ken saved the day by replacing the fuse. We did have about 6 (!) burned out bulbs between the two strands as well, but we simply unscrewed them and left the empty spots at the end of one strand. We strung ’em up and this is the result:


We tuck the extension cord into our siding so it’s not super visible and so far we just take that in and out every time we use the lights (since it’s technically an indoor only cord–the lights are good to use outside though!). I may spraypaint the conduit, but for now, I’m leaving it. During the winter, or whenever we get sick of the lights hanging out there, we can unhook the lights and take the conduit out of the brackets super easily.


Anyone else making your outdoor space a wee-bit more Pinterest worthy? Not sure this qualifies yet, but we’re pretty proud of ourselves.


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