Living Room Curtains and Miscellaneous Progress (in which we finally begin to furnish and accessorize our main living area!)

As the construction dust settles (literally), we’re slowly beginning to place some furniture in our living area. It’s slow going, but it’s getting us SO excited about where things are heading. Nothing is final at this point, so don’t get too attached to things. ;)

We also hung some IKEA curtains, which have made a HUUUUGE difference. I think I’ve said it a billion times (almost)–curtains are THE BOMB. They make a room.


Shoot, a room could even be mostly empty, but if you slap some curtains up? IT LOOKS AWESOME.

We’ve still got to caulk and paint the crown molding, so if you look closely, you can see a few seams. Our first floor ceiling is split into three main areas (four counting the sunroom), and we’ve painted and installed crown in only one of those areas–this one. More to come. My paintbrush is becoming quite dilapidated.


We went with our typical double curtain rod system (like we did in the sunroom) and hung sheer curtains on the back rod. The way the light filters through is pretty magical. And they can be easily pushed aside if we want full on sunlight.


We’ve ordered a couch (blue! are we crazy?!?) for this area and also have a rug on the way, so things won’t remain this empty for long. Not that we’re sad about it–empty rooms are great places to store tools. ;)

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