Our Summer Project? (in which I continue debating in an effort to procrastinate further)

Ken and I have been debating our next “big” project now that the floors are done and the first floor is mostly painted. We’re still working on the above-cabinet area in our kitchen, but we’re waiting on a few tools from my dad before that project can move forward.

Since the weather’s been SO SO NICE and since the winter was SO SO BRUTAL, we’re obviously thinking up excuses to get outside. I *think* our next big project(S!) will be sprucing up our home’s exterior.


It kind of screams “1993!“, doesn’t it? We’ve been debating colors/updates for a few months now, and I think we’re nearing a decision.

Using my super-special, incredibly-technical MS Paint skills (HAHAHA), I whipped up a few possibilities.

dark trim

The hardest thing (for me) to work with are the brown/black window frames. If you look at most homes constructed in the last 20 years, white window frames is the far more common option, which makes white trim a logical choice for those houses. So we debated then, whether the inverse was true: would brown/black trim go with brown/black windows? Hm.

We will be taking down the porch railing (at least on the front of the house–we may leave the side? not sure) and painting the front door and shutters. We’re leaning toward something dark–possibly navy? for the shutters and green for the door. I’m convinced we should replace it, but apparently “it’s not high” on Ken’s priority list. Which means I still have work to do on him. :)

White is the other obvious option, but I’m a bit concerned that it will stick out too much and look tacky since the window frames aren’t white.


Another thing we’re definitely planning on doing is building out the porch columns. Here’s that envisioned with dark trim (I think we’d paint the trim dark but stain the columns?):

columns dark trim columns

…and here are the columns with white trim:

light trim columns

I think we’re loving that last “mock-up” (I use that term veeeery loosely) best. Unfortunately, this is not going to be an easy/fun project–it involves cleaning EVERYTHING, painting wood trim, painting rain gutters, painting aluminum trim, painting vinyl trim, and then we have to determine–where does it end? Do we paint the trim around the whole house (obvious answer–yes, but. GAH)? And what about the garage door? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  • I would worry about having TOO many colors. Your proposal has the siding tan, the shutters navy, the door green, the trim white and not to mention the roof brown and the window casings brown/black. I would drive around and find a color scheme on a house that you absolutely love, keeping in mind your siding color. And for what it’s worth, I personally like shutters and doors the same color. And take from an “old” person; there’s value in taking your time and getting it right the first time! ;)

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