Removing the Railing (in which we begin sprucing our home’s exterior)

I wrote Monday’s post last week, and it got me so fired up I began executing the plan the next day. I whipped out my jigsaw and smartphone, cut halfway through our porch railing, stopped, contorted my body and attempted to take a natural-looking in-process pic (#fail), and continued on with my jigsawing.

Things were easier before I began blogging. But where’s the fun in that? ;)


If you recall, our house used to look like this:


Now there’s a whole lot less snow and we’re down a couple of railings.


Removing the railings makes our house look a wee bit less squatty, yes? You’ll note that I left the side railing on the left side of the house. That’s because the yard drops off sharply there, and leaving that railing there=safety and security.

I also began painting the front door. QUESTION: Can paint clash with grass? Am I required to “match” the grass? I need advice.


Continuing on. See that overgrown shrub in front of the right side of the house? It’s now gonzo. Ken and I were trying to yank it out with our lawnmower and some clothesline (it was a laughably terrible attempt, but it was the best we could think of) when our 16 year old neighbor next door took pity on us and hooked his truck up to it and yanked it out in about 1 second. I meant to take pictures; I really did. But the process was far too exciting and fast for me to remember that I held the camera in my hands.

That shrub blossomed most beautifully during the spring, and we’re a little sad to see it go, but it was getting pretty overgrown. It was difficult to walk on the sidewalk on the front of the house, and our view from inside the house was blocked by the in-your-face shrub. We’ll find something smaller to put there soon. I think the bushes flanking the garage will meet the same fate, if we can look pitiful enough a second time for our neighbor to help us. #plotting

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