The Most Impractical Rug (in which we make the most of the pre-kids stage of life)

Kenny and I obviously don’t have kids yet, and unlike other couples who celebrate this stage of life by 1) going on exotic vacations, 2) eating at fancy restaurants frequently, or 3) throwing wild parties. No, we’re doing things that are much more adventurous: we purchased a shaggy white rug.

Path 2014-06-04 17_15

While we technically realize that this is an Utterly Unpractical Purchase and a Completely Unsustainable Way to live, the siren’s call of white+shaggy was unavoidable.


Plus, it was cheap–$209 for an 8′ by 10′ rug at Joss and Main. Can’t beat that with a stick. This is now the second rug we’ve purchased from J&M, the first being our accidentally-half-priced jute rug in the sunroom. At that price, I won’t feel too badly about replacing when the inevitable dirtiness happens.


Plus, it’s about time we actually put stuff in our living room…we moved in just over three months ago, so it’s definitely been awhile coming. Next up: a couch! Our lives=super exciting.



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