Painted Shutters (in which we taunt gravity by cavorting on the roof)

One of the first things Kenny and I resolved to do when the weather warmed up was to paint the shutters. Here’s what our house (basically) looked like when we moved in. The shutters were painted a nice fleshy beige and really blended into the tan vinyl siding, almost like they were embarrassed to draw attention to themselves.


So on Saturday, when we were feeling particularly adventurous, we got out our transformer ladder and clambered up. Kenny took the lead by sanding (super lightly, since they were already textured) and scrubbing the shutters, and I came behind and taped off the siding.


By that point, I had had enough of the roof and abandoned Kenny. Thankfully, he’s a man and therefore must do things that I’m too scared to do (killing bugs, touching raw meat, etc.). It’s a nice perk of being a wife. So he painted the second story shutters and I painted the first story shutters.


We grabbed some satin exterior paint from Home Depot and had it color matched to Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue. It’s dark, but definitely still blue, and it looks nice with our neutral tan siding.


Now our shutters are no longer embarrassed to exist. It changes the whole look of our house.


I was also working on painting the front door during this project. Thus the plastic.


So, for about $12 (for paint) and 3 hours of work, our house has a whole new look. Curb appeal for the win!


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