Thrifted World Market Bookcases (in which I purchase brand new stuff from a secondhand store)

Though I haven’t been thrifting that much since we moved, I still jump at every opportunity to run into a thrift store every week or so. And last week, it paid off–big time.

Check out this haul:


Those, my friends, are three brand new World Market Verona bookcases, which are regularly $249. These?…were $100 each. I picked up all three boxes and pranced all the way to the cash register….that is, I did a bunch of research on my phone, called Kenny, tried to talk myself out of them, failed, paid, and convinced a thrift store employee to help me finagle these into Kenny’s car.

Though I bought all three, we realized once we assembled them that these were LARGE and only two would fit comfortably in our living room. We’re still debating what to do with the third (and trip over the box daily), but options include reselling it on Craigslist or using it in the basement or an upstairs bedroom.


I’m still pretty shocked someone donated three perfectly awesome bookshelves to the thrift store. Not that I’m complaining! When I spoke to the thrift store employees, they said that the donor was downsizing. But then why purchase these in the first place? No ideas here.

Now I just have to figure out how to style all of these shelves with more than just one fake orchid. Good heavens.

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