Painting the Front Door (in which I unintentionally match our door with our grass)

When we bought our house, our door was a perfectly acceptable, classic red. But since we can’t “leave well enough alone,” we changed it up.


After learning several important lessons from my last door painting experience, I made sure to sand the door thoroughly, wash it carefully, and prime it before jumping into the fun part. Things looked pretty scary for a while.


Our door is the pretty typical ’90’s style door with 4-panels and 2 small windows. The window frames had been painted red, but I decided they should be painted white. It’s a bit more traditional, and it makes the teeny-tiny windows look a teeny-tiny bit larger.


We went with Martha Stewart’s Caperberry Green, which I’m actually not completely sold on as a front door color yet. It’s bold, that’s for sure. It kind of looks like I tried to match the color of the grass, which was completely unintentional. I’m not sure whether I should be proud or embarrassed of that fact.


With our newly-blue shutters, our house is looking pretty dapper, and that’s super exciting to me.


I’m still trying to convince Kenny that we should get a new front door (and while we’re at it, let’s just quickly add some sidelights, amIright?), but since this one works just fine, we may work with it for awhile. New outdoor lighting would go a long way too, but again, what we have works perfectly well.

Anyone else making quick updates that pack a big punch? I have dreamed of having a front door to paint for AGES. Ages. This? Dream come true. :)


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