New BLUE Couch!

Our new couch finally arrived and we are thrilled! After leaving this room *basically* empty for about 3 months, it feels good to finally get some furniture up in huuur (including our new thrifted bookcases and white shag rug!).


We went with this “modern take on a Chesterfield” in a GORG peacock blue. I don’t ever intend to get sick of this color and really hope this couch lasts

We actually ordered this couch in the beginning of April and it took until JUNE 7 to get it delivered (!!!). We went through a local business and most furniture you buy from them is customizeable. We could choose between about 500 different fabrics…and in the end, we chose the fabric that the showroom couch was covered in. #predictable


We also got to choose fabric for the two free pillows that came with the couch, which, believe it or not, was a way harder choice than the couch fabric. This was the best pattern they had…lots of granny floral, damask, and plaid patterns abounded.


After leaving this room empty for so long, it almost feels weird to have furniture in here. But this pretty lady is making the transition pretty easy for us. We’re breaking her in by doing lots of lounging….our sunroom is getting lonely. ;)


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