Cabinet to Ceiling Trim Reveal (in which we do an exorbitant amount of work to merely vanquish dust bunnies)

When we moved in about 3.5 months ago, this is what our kitchen looked like.


Today, this is what our kitchen looks like.


We’re pretty much in love.

Oh, what did we do? I thought you’d never ask! We determined that dust bunnies had no place in our home, so we decided to eliminate their main breeding ground: that dreaded space above the cabinets.

We did this:


And then we did this:


And then we we ended up with this:


(We also replaced the floors, painted the walls, replaced the cabinet hardware, got a new overhead light, thrifted a rug, and installed a pendant light.)


For the time being, our kitchen is done…although, that being said, I kind of want a new sink faucet and a roman blind over the window. In a few years we’d like to do a complete kitchen overhaul with new cabinets, counters, and the works, but…I can live with this for a while. ;)


It’s pretty amazing how much this little change affected the way our kitchen feels. All in all, I don’t think we spent more than $150 on this change! It feels taller and bigger and brighter. See what I mean?

Cabinet trim 1

One last picture for good measure (PINNABLE, what what) and then I’m done:

Check out this $150 kitchen makeover!




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