Secondhand Scores

In addition to our new-yet-secondhand World Market bookcases, there have been a few other thrift store/garage sale finds I’ve pounced upon and carted home gleefully.

Like this teeny but wonderfully ornate tiny frame (I need but 1 more similar to this to round out the cutest gallery wall you ever did see) for $4 (on sale!):


Or like this $4 glass turtle that is about the size of my hand:


Or like this $.99 cardboard artwork of a sailing ship:


Or this GLORIOUS $1 paint-by-number garage sale find (painted in 1965, according to the back!):


Or this! lovely seascape with the most perfect colors for $6 from a thrift store:


It currently is being tested on our mantle–which has been found to be a difficult place to decorate because there is just so. much. space, which is obviously a great problem, and yet everything I put there looks too small:


Anyone else becoming a VIP customer at your local thrift store? or are you wearing out your brakes screeching to stop your car this garage-sale season? I’m def. guilty on both accounts. And yet…not sorry one smidgen. ;)

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  • This post reminds me that your frames/paintings are still in our garage! Can’t believe we forgot those on Saturday! Guess that means you’ll have to come back to check the progress, get your hands dirty & claim them :-)

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