Chartreuse-d Mirror

After we got a new light for our half-bath and painted it a lovely Palladian Blue, we were itching to continue the bathroom projects. But we aren’t ready to spring for a new sink/vanity/mirror just yet, so this was a case of “making do” with what we had.


The mirror was my target this fateful crafting evening. I grabbed a $3 sample pot of paint from the Home Deep and prepped the plastic mirror by sanding it down.


The color I was going for was chartreuse, and I’m not sure I nailed it, but we like the change. It makes the new light clash a smidgen less with all the other things going on in here.


We’d still like to get a new vanity and hardware, and that will come eventually. I’d also like to put up some board and batten and tile the floor, and perhaps wallpaper? But we’ll see how many years those ideas will take. For now, this quick project was just what this room needed. Oh, and that paint-by-number I found for a DOLLAR recently? Goes perfectly in here and bridges the whole brown/blue/green thing we’ve got going on at the moment. I just have to find a frame. Shoot, one thing really does lead to another, huh?

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