The Next Big Purchase

Ken loves doing laundry. (Yes, I totally fell with my butt in the butter on that one). It really is the best. However, this is what our “laundry room” has looked like since we moved in (actually the laundry area is on the other side of this stud wall):


Notice anything missing? Like, say, a WASHER and DRYER?

That’s right. Ken and I have been living in the dark ages since March and have been mooching off Ken’s gracious parents by using their snazzy laundry machines.

But the time finally came for Kenny and I to grow up and finally become independent, so we headed out the door to Home Depot’s 4th of July appliance sale and picked ourselves up a set. Which sounds really easy–but we first researched our buns off and weighed the pros and cons of everything ever. It was exhausting, but Ken was indefatigable. He is seriously so excited about this purchase.

We ended up getting this washer and the matching gas dryer in white:


Regular price on these babies? $899 and $999 respectively (though I gotta believe those numbers are inflated so the stores can run great sales?). HOLY SMOKES.

So we clipped our little coupons and saved a bundle. Here’s how it went down:

Regular price: $899+$999+$100 (hoses, hookups, extra stuff)+6% MI sales tax=$2118. Ouchie.

Sale price: $629+729+$100+6% MI sales tax=$1545. Still ouch.


  • -$50 promo for purchasing 2 appliances
  • 10% off promo (we asked if they would price match a 10% off Lowe’s moving coupon)
  • 10% off again since we paid with discounted giftcards from

Which means our grand total was…drumroll…$1220.  Saving us almost $1k! Yes, I know the math doesn’t quite work out, but I don’t claim to fully understand the magic that cashiers do.

Our new purchases will be delivered on Saturday (though…we’re not holding our breath with all the customer service issues that keep. happening. to. us.) and Ken is pretty pumped. I’m trying to figure out how we can carve a little laundry room out of the space we have. I can see it now…lots of shiny tiled areas (and floor!), countertop space, a cute little sink to wash paintbrushes in…It could happen someday, right?

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